Single App, Multiple Services

Grow Your Shop’s Offerings to earn more than Rs. 25,000+ Monthly. No investment is required from SAATHI who will join us.

Extend Your Shops earnings and potential. Your One-Stop Banking and Digital Service Destination.
You can open an account in the following premium banks:

Banking Services

Your Trusted Local Banker

Zero capital requirement. Offer Convenient Banking: Withdrawals, Transfers, Deposits, Savings, Insurance, Loans—All at Your Shop. SpectrumPay: Secure and Proven with Over 99.9% Success. PCI DSS and ISO 27001 Certified.


Facilitate Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services (AePS) for Customers to Easily Access DBT, Government Relief Funds, and Cash through Fingerprint Verification.


Micro ATM

Offer Cash Withdrawal Services through Debit Cards from Over 1000+ Banks.


Money Transfer

Utilize Our Reliable Platform with a 99.9% Success Rate to Enable Real-time, 24/7 Money Transfers Anywhere in India. Customers Can Also Deposit Cash into Their Accounts Using This Service. Become Your Area's Banking Partner. Assist Every Citizen in Opening and Managing Bank Accounts.

Digital Dukaan

Boost Your Business with SpectrumPay's Digital Solutions

Free for Our Partner Retailers. SpectrumPay Digital Suite Equips Your Business with Essential Tools, from Multiple Payment Options to Simplified Customer Ledger for Better Payment Management and Reconciliation.

Mobile POS

Use Micro ATM as a point-of-sale (PoS) device and accept debit/credit card payments from customers.


Customer Khata

Upgrade your business with 100% better customer credit management. A digital ledger that maintains a record of all transactions, sets automatic payment reminders and helps you collect payments through integrated digital payment solutions



A single QR Code that helps you accept payment from any payment app. Make it your mobile screen saver or print and display on the shop to enable seamless digital payments


Aadhaar Pay

Accept payments from customers using Aadhaar biometric


SpectrumPay Prepaid Card

Make all your wishes come true with SpectrumPay Shopping Card. Pay securely and earn attractive cashback when you use your card on e-commerce, railways, mutual funds, telecom, and more.


LIC Premium Payments

Assist Customers in Paying LIC Premiums, Creating Reliable Recurring Income for You.

Utility Bill Payment Center

A household can generate more money

Households Face Monthly Payments for EMIs, Subscriptions, and Utilities. Address Customer Hassle of Queues. Offer Convenient Solutions: Water and Electricity Bills, Phone/DTH Recharges, and EMIs. Simplify Cash Collection, Bill Payments, and Recharges from Your Shop.

Gas, Electricity & Water Bills

Essential Payments for Every Household. Offer Convenience from Your Shop and Secure Regular Monthly Income.


Recharge Services

Provide Mobile, DTH, and Data Card Recharges with 15+ Partners—frequent Transactions for Recurring Income.

Credit Card

Credit Card Payments

Facilitate Credit Card Payments across 25+ Banks. Monthly Cycles Offer Recurring Income Opportunities.

Cash Collection

Cash Collection

More Than 40+ Partners for Cash Collection Services. Customers and Agents Can Deposit EMIs at Your Store, Earning You Income.



Rail Booking

No More Queues - Offer Hassle-free Train Ticket Bookings. The best way to make your trip memorable for the lifetime.

Flight icon

Flight Booking

Book Flights at the reasonable and Earn Generous Commissions.


Partner Services

Open the Gateway to E-commerce and Digital payment from Your Shop

Digital Benefits for All, Regardless of Digital Money. Provide Access to Partner Brand’s Digital Offerings in Your Area. Utilize SpectrumPay to Deliver Micro Content, Satchetized Services, and Cash Digitalization, Facilitating Convenient Access.

Gift Card

Gift Card Services

Enable Customers to Buy Gift Cards from Leading E-commerce Brands: Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Pantaloons, and More. Earn Commissions on Card Issuance and Redemption.

Essential Services

Extend Vital Services and Boost Your Earnings

Assist Customers with Tax Filings and PAN Needs. Bridge the Gap to Formal Finance.

PAN Card

Offer Digital and Physical PAN Card Registration. You can update your pan card like address, photo, and your phone number.



Support Customers in Filing Taxes from Your Shop, Earning Easily During Tax Filing Season.


Credit Services

Personal Loan


A loan is like borrowing money that you promise to pay back later and we are here to manage your pay back later loan. We would also want to help you understand loans.
Unlock new growth opportunities with great potential with our business loans. We provide assistance in modifying funds to expand, upgrade, or meet any business needs. We Offer loans to customers without any branch visits, simplify loan processes, enable convenience, and nurture mutual profitability for your business and valuable customers.



Health Insurance

Health care coverage, also known as medical insurance, is like a protective shield that helps you with financial worries when you face health problems. It covers expenses when you're dealing with illnesses, injuries, or emergencies like accidents. This coverage takes care of costs not only during your hospital stay but also before and after, including yearly check-ups, mental health support, critical illnesses, maternity-related expenses, and more, depending on your specific insurance plan.

Car image

Motor Insurance

Engine protection, also known as vehicle insurance, is like a safety requirement for vehicles such as trucks, cars, jeeps, bikes, and motorcycles. This policy provides coverage to the vehicle owner/driver against financial losses that might occur due to accidents or various types of damages.
It's the best kind of security to prevent major expenses that can result from an accident.

Personal Account


Demat is like a safe digital wallet for your investments, such as stocks. Just like we assist with insurance, we can also help you understand demat accounts. We'll explain how demat accounts work and why they're helpful for managing your investments in a simple and organized way.


National Pension


NPS stands for National Pension System is a way to save money for when you're older and not working anymore. As your insurance broking company, we can help you understand how NPS works and how it fits into your plans for a comfortable retirement.


FD (Fixed Deposit)

FDs are like a safe place to keep your money and make a little extra. We can help you explore the best FD options available, considering factors like interest rates and tenure, to ensure your financial portfolio is well-balanced and aligned with your goals.

Psu bond


Bonds are basically like loans you give to companies or governments, and they pay you back with some extra. We're here as your insurance broking partner to help you understand how bonds work and how they can be part of your investment strategy.

Equity Icon

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

IPOs are like when companies first start selling pieces of themselves to the public. We're more than just insurance – we can give you insights on IPOs and help you decide if investing in new companies is right for you.

Gold Coin

Digital Gold

Digigold is a way to own gold without having to keep it physically. As your financial friend, we can explain how Digigold works and how it could be a smart addition to your financial plans. We provide information on how Digigold works, its advantages, and how it can complement your overall financial strategy.