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happy new year
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happy new year

Digital Dukaan

Many Services at One Place

An opportunity to grow your business with an inexpensive one-time investment and zero working capital. Acquire the best online payment tools to embrace the digital age. Give us a chance to equip you with the fastest digital payment tools, from prepaid cards and UPI QR to Aadhaar Pay. We highly emphasize the optimal use of these digital payment tools. Manage your customer credits more effectively with our customer Khata.

Banking Services

Grow as the most reliable banker in your area
With this beneficial idea for customers, are allowed to withdraw money, deposit cash, transfer money, get a loan, or make secure savings from your shop. Be part of the network that will serve million financial transactions. You will earn in every service you provide.


Bill Payment

Easy to pay your bills and recharges with one source. Quick and profitable for all your payments and recharges. Pay your DTH, Electricity bill, Landline bill, Broadband bill, water bill, and many more on Spectrum pay.
It’s an easy access for households who struggles to pay all the bills and recharges.

Essential Services

It’s an opportunity to provide essential services to the customers and increase the income. Provide customers with paperless PANs and file their taxes. Provide them with the necessary documentation services, and enroll them in the formal financial system.

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Utility Payment Center

Become a utility payment center to ensure recurring monthly income . As a household you may suffer many times in queues to transfer money for your electricity bill and DTH recharges every month. But we are making it easy for you to pay your recharges online easily and rapidly without waiting for a long time in queues. You can pay your EMIs and grocery’s / payments in a minute with Spectrum Pay.

Profitable Solution For All

Offering profitable solutions for you whether you are a retailer, distributor, or individual